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I am a freelance director and videographer. My work spans various platforms, including fiction film, documentary and photography.

Growing up in Istanbul, the chaotic multicultural atmosphere of the city has always influenced my work. I trained at the art studio Atolye KA from 2015-2010. I also went to the French School Saint Joseph where I immersed myself in the French language, culture and history.

Prior to embarking upon my career as a filmmaker, I exhibited my artwork and photography at various exhibitions in both Istanbul and London.

After completing a foundation degree in Fine Arts at Central St Martins College of Art and Design, I went onto study Film and TV Production at University of Westminster, graduating both universities with a first class honours. In 2014 my graduation film, which was shot on super 16mm format was screened at BAFTA.

As part of my MA thesis in Film and Philosophy at Kings College London, I did extensive research on cinema’s therapeutic capacity which engages the audience in a shared cultural experience.

In my work, I am interested in exploring gender and power dynamics.  I like to push the limits with regards to film as a medium and challenge the audience on the borderline between fantasy and reality.

I also offer Video Production Services through my London based media production company, Folie á Deux Productions.